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35 For Life Gallbladder Flush

Gallbladder Flush at a Glance

 To be done ONLY after intestinal tract is moving freely


6pm - Blend 2 ½ Tablespoons Magnesium Citrate in 12 oz of water, lemonade, or juice and drink.                               

7pm -6 oz of light tasting olive oil mixed or blended with 6 oz of juice

( thick mango, grapefruit, apple, or lemonade etc..)



*** Immediately after drinking this combination, drink a couple ounces of your favorite juice as a chaser.

*** Relax and watch a movie.  Be still to avoid nausea.  You may see cholesterol balls as early as 2:00 in the morning.



3 hours after drinking the oil you can drink 2 teaspoons of the Magnesium Citrate in 10-12 oz of water to make sure anything released from the gallbladder has a faster exit time.  If your intestinal tract is moving well you may skip this step.


Mick Hall’s 35 For Life

3151 Airway Ave Suite M3 Costa Mesa CA 92626


Cholesterol: The Good, the Bad, and the Sticky 

Basically, everyone has an excessive amount of unusable cholesterol particles in their gallbladder, liver, arteries, and circulating blood. It is the excess of these unusable waste particles that actually cause the heart and circulatory disorders we are continually being warned about with regard to our cholesterol levels. Real science exposes the fact that high cholesterol isn’t really the problem. It is the excess of unusable arterial plaque that causes our problems, in other words, “oxidized, junk cholesterol”. There are several reasons these particles accumulate on the arterial wall and eventually build up and block the blood flow. One reason is the excessive intake of heated and enzyme-less fats and oils. Another reason is the nutritional deficiencies that allow the arteries to be damaged. It is very common for us as humans to be deficient of organic sodium, organic potassium and the components of a complete vitamin C. When deficient of these nutrients, the arterial walls are easily damaged and the body naturally shields this damaged arterial tissue with a protective coating of cholesterol. Eventually, the accumulation of old cholesterol builds up to the point of inhibiting blood flow and increasing blood pressure. When there is such a build up of plaque on the walls of our arteries, it is due to an overwhelmed liver, incapable of keeping the blood cleared of the small plaque particles, so we are told that our cholesterol level is too high. It is from this point the blood pressure begins to increase.

With every health problem we are developing, there is always a corrective effort being exerted by the innate wisdom of the body to reverse the problem, if at all possible. As with the build-up of arterial plaque, just the natural movement of our every day activities will cause small particles of the old plaque to peel away from the arterial wall. The movement of blood will then break the small particles lose, carrying them away with the blood. When the liver is functioning normally, it will filter these particles from the blood, along with toxic metals, chemicals and other debris, then release this waste into the gallbladder (the liver’s personal trash can), which naturally releases this waste into the intestinal tract to be eliminated out through the bowel.


Because of the sticky nature of this material, after years of the liver passing these particles through the gallbladder, small balls of this sticky, waxy cholesterol begin to form within the gallbladder. Medical doctors seeing this build-up refer to it as “sludge.” Many professionals refer to these blobs of cholesterol as being gallstones. The truth is, they are only masses of arterial plaque. A gallstone is actually one of these cholesterol plaque masses coated with a thin shell of calcium.


There is much confusion surrounding the problems associated with gallstones. It is believed that when you have gallstones, it is the stones that cause gallbladder attacks. The truth is, it is the stagnation of acidified bile in a gallbladder full of cholesterol balls that causes both: an inflammatory condition within the gallbladder, as well as the formation of gallstones. Bile should have an alkaline Ph, but due to the common deficiency of organic sodium in our diets, the bile becomes acidic.


When the content of a gallbladder is stagnated and acidic, the toxic effect of this condition irritates the lining of the gallbladder. When the tissue cells get irritated or stressed, the body will bathe the area with extra calcium to buffer the caustic, acidic fluids within the bile. With the calcium buffering the acidity, this may reverse the cause of the irritation, but as the condition continues year after year, the calcium begins to accumulate and crystallize, eventually forming a shell on the outside of some of the cholesterol balls, thereby forming gallstones.


Since most of us haven’t eaten enough mineral rich vegetables, we are generally quite deficient of organic sodium. The greatest storage for this alkaline mineral is within the bile of the gallbladder. So, when we are deficient of this mineral, out of desperation, the body is then forced to use calcium to buffer the acids that stagnate in the gallbladder, but calcium can never replace organic sodium as the true buffer of acidic body waste.


According to Dr. Jonathan Wright, every gallbladder attack is really a reaction to a food consumed just prior to the attack. Obviously, there couldn’t have been such an attack if the gallbladder wasn’t already sludged up.


Before moving on to the very best solution for a gallbladder that is full of sludge, lets review more details of cause for all circulatory disorders.


As noted before: It is very common for us as humans to be deficient of organic sodium, organic potassium and a whole-food source of vitamin C. When deficient of these nutrients, the arterial walls are easily damaged and the body naturally shields this damaged arterial tissue with a protective coating of cholesterol.


The most obvious deficiency responsible for the weak and damaged arterial tissue is vitamin C.


Sailors of old who stayed out to sea for prolonged periods of time would die of scurvy because of extreme deficiencies of vitamin C. Vitamin C acts like the cementing substance that binds our tissue cells together. When we don’t have enough of this vitamin, our arteries get weak and begin to crack. When the body is seriously deficient of vitamin C, the arteries and skin will break open and the person will bleed to death. This is how people actually died of scurvy. Even today, most people are dying of a low-grade form of scurvy, but it isn’t being talked about. When you see the large purple bruises on the arms of the elderly: that is sub-scurvy bruising. When a person has a stroke due to a burst blood vessel in the brain: that is a more advanced form of scurvy. The excess build-up of arterial plaque causing angina, heart attack, and high blood pressure: it is all low-grade scurvy! It isn’t talked about because the condition rarely gets so extreme as to allow a person’s skin and arteries to burst open causing them to bleed to death. Yet, as you can easily deduct from the simple explanations written here, the number one killer in the United States is actually a very common sub-scurvy condition.


Following The 35 For Life Body Chemistry Support System will allow your body to reverse this sub-scurvy condition by healing the arteries. But, it is up to you to reverse the lifetime accumulation of arterial plaque from the gallbladder, liver and arteries. In fact, it should be easy to understand why the body forms fatty tumors under the surface of the skin. When the gallbladder gets full of arterial plaque, the liver is then backed up and overwhelmed with the same substance. With the arteries loaded, the body forms “safe” little trashcans in weakened areas to store the waste plaque that cannot be eliminated.


Now for the solution: The only true solution for eliminating the excess volumes of arterial plaque from the body is to do the Gallbladder Flush enough times to clear the Gallbladder, the liver and approximately 60,000 miles of veins, arteries and capillaries. As you might guess, one good flush just isn’t going to do it.


After a lifetime of accumulating this plaque, I know it might sound a little extreme, but I have come to believe that each of us need to do a Gallbladder Flush for every year of our lives, just to reverse the build up from the past. Keeping the Gallbladder cleared of the huge volumes of old plaque that will keep refilling it is the only way of effectively and completely detoxifying the whole body.


When you are ready to begin flushing your Gallbladder out, decide on one evening each week that would work best for you. Then, do a Gallbladder Flush on that day, every week for about two or three months, depending upon your age; the more years, the longer period of doing a weekly flush. Then continue by doing a monthly flush for 3 or 4 years. Then, the rest of your life you can choose to do 2 to 4 flushes each year.


In preparation for your first Gallbladder Flush, you will want to follow The 35 For Life Body Chemistry Support System, which will allow your body to begin normalizing the intestinal functions before attempting to dump the arterial plaque and the stagnated waste from your gallbladder into a sluggish intestinal tract. This is the difference between your success and failure in comfortably removing the contents of your Gallbladder.


The second thing you will want to do every morning is to take the simple Olive Oil Cocktail:


*About 15 minutes after drinking your “first thing in the morning” 12 ounces of water, blend (for 45 seconds): 1 tablespoon of Baltone and 2 tablespoons of (Light Tasting) olive oil into 10 ounces of diluted apple juice (half water and half juice) or lemonade, and drink. This daily cocktail can be taken every day for the rest of your life as an excellent way of keeping your bile flowing well.


***The day of your Gallbladder Flush is the only day to skip the morning Olive Oil Cocktail. Your flush may be more successful if you skip the oil the morning of your flush!


Preparations for the morning of your Flush:


  1. Be sure you already have a bottle of Magnesium Sulfate capsules from 35 For Life.


  1. Purchase one of the following: 3 grapefruits, 6 lemons, apple juice, a quart of Almond milk, or Vanilla Rice Dream (milk replacement).


  1. If you are going to use lemon or grapefruit juice, by juicing them in the morning, you will be better prepared for your flush and can avoid unnecessary confusion at the time of your Flush. Whether your choice is a juice or one of the milk replacements, it is basically just a flavoring agent to break up the oil and make it easier to take. When you have your choice prepared, store it in the fridge.

  1. Purchase a bottle of Light Tasting Olive oil from any grocery store.


How the Gallbladder Flush works:

When we consume any food that contains fat or oil, as the food moves from the stomach into the duodenum, the presence of fats in the duodenal area signals to the gallbladder, which then contracts and squirts an amount of bile equal to the quantity of fat or oil detected in the food. The bile acts like a detergent, making the fats into a water-soluble solution.


When a person consumes 6 ounces of oil at a time, this is far more oil than the body is designed to consume. Therefore, when such a large volume of oil moves into the duodenum, it causes the gallbladder to spasm radically and releases a larger volume of its contents, which will contain not only bile, but also cholesterol balls and possibly gallstones.


Of the hundreds of thousands of Gallbladder Flushes taking place around the country, there is an extreme few that ever have any problems at all with the Gallbladder Flush. The greatest fear a person may have is quite unfounded, but that fear is: “What if something gets caught and won’t release?” The only way this can be a problem is if a person were to panic and run to the hospital. The hospital only has expensive and painful solutions surrounded by volumes of projected fear. Remember well! This procedure is very simple, and if you suspect any problem whatsoever, simply take another 8 ounces of the juice and oil combination and the problem is solved!!


The best advice is to relax, let go and let your body release whatever it needs to get rid of.


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