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Dr. Mick Hall's Biorestoration Center

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We're here to assure your success.

It is our mission to help you understand the principles that dictate every function of your body and every circumstance of your life.

The greater value of teaching a person to fish, rather than giving him a fish, is a piece of wisdom that has been handed down through the ages. When it comes to the well-being of your body, the solutions we offer are the epitome of "teaching a person to fish."

The present climate within the health and disease industry can have the tendency of making a person feel too much like a piece of meat in a shark's tank. This helpless, vulnerable feeling is generated by a serious void of usable information. If you had this valuable information, you would know exactly how to create the level of health that would make the development of disease impossible.

From the extensive research of Dr. Mick Hall, we make this vital information available to you through our educational materials and this site.

Who Is Dr. Mick Hall?

Dr. Mick Hall is a Naturopathic doctor from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a formulator, author, internationally recognized nutritional consultant, teacher, and lecturer. His area of expertise includes Body Chemistry evaluation and Total Body Detoxification.

Dr. Hall's Naturopathic studies began in 1975. His training and research has taken him to England, South Africa, Canada, and Mexico, as well as all across the United States. In the late 70's he was a personal student of the late Dr. Martin Pretorius: one of the great pioneers of the health movement from the 40's.

In 1980, Dr. Hall's youngest brother suffered grave injuries from competing in the boxing ring. Paralyzed from the neck down and existing in a semi-comatose state, he was removed from his last I.V. and given 48 hours to live. Dr. Hall returned to the United States to hear the physician's reports describing his brother's case as being "hopeless".

By using techniques developed in his private practice, as well as developing new methods, Dr. Hall was able to stabilize his brother's life and bring him back to a full state of health, which he continues to enjoy.

Dr. Hall went on to become director of a holistic cancer clinic. It was during this tenure that he began to recognize the emotional cause and the chemistry imbalances behind every form of degenerative disease.

Driven in a new direction, Dr. Hall embarked on an intensive twenty-year research project to better understand the true causes of physical symptoms as well as the reasons degenerative patterns develop within the human body. These discoveries allowed Dr. Hall to see through the mysteries and complexities of the human body, and to develop a simple system of education and Body Chemistry Support that is revolutionizing the world of health care.


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In order for you to gain the most from this site, we suggest that you begin by listening to the following introductory audio. Then, read the following articles that paint a picture of what the program we offer is all about. And finally, help yourself to the information presented on our site. It is our desire to provide you with the information you need in order to create a level of health that makes it impossible for disease to develop within your body!

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